I read every review that is written about the services received at More Than Curly. When it is a positive review, I feel wonderful inside, knowing that the staff Melissa has built continues to provide excellent services to Curly people. When it is a negative review, which doesn’t happen that often, but from time to time, I read it over at least 3 times to make sure I fully understand what the issue is. Whether the feedback is good or bad, we can all learn from reviews, in the hopes of becoming better service providers.

I recently came across this review on Google, and it caused me to think for a moment.

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First, let me say that we value and appreciate every client who has ever visited More Than Curly since 2011, and I am thrilled that this particular reviewer appreciates a “Very Good Haircut for Curly Hair”. Melissa prides herself on providing the best Curly Haircut, we believe you can receive outside of the flagship Ouidad Salon in NYC, or Santa Monica for that matter. Ouidad Certified stylists in the Denver Metro Area, are hit or miss when it comes to the same level of quality, and I say that due to the ongoing stream of new clients (over 100 per month), that we see at More Than Curly, complaining about the “Ouidad” cut they received from just about every “Certified Salon” in Denver, that was sub-par. The demand for Melissa’s cuts at one point had clients on the waitlist for over 6 weeks for a weekday, and 3 months for a Saturday. Can I re-emphasize the word “demand”. That was when her price for a cut was $95. Can I make mention now that since 2013, EVERY client has received a FREE Deep Conditioning Service, EVERY visit, EVERY time? Other Salon’s in Metro Denver charge up to $50 for that service, Ouidad in NYC charges $90. We do not.

Melissa has personally trained every stylist who has ever worked on the floor at More Than Curly, each of them never having ANY Curly Cutting training EVER in their careers. Training which has been free by the way to each stylist. (That’s another blog altogether). The $80 price point for a Ouidad Cut is actually very competitive in the Denver Market, and is only temporary with Soema and Sinaya. We are running a real time pricing experiment, to see what kind of client volume such a fair price generates with our Curly Sessions, and what range the Denver Market is willing to bear.

My question is: Are More Than Curly prices too high?

Perhaps for some people, our prices are too high, even for those who make “only” $50 per hour. I would love to make $50 per hour at the job that I have of being the General Manager of the most sought after Curly Salon this side of the Mississippi. Instead, I do not. I earned $0 in 2011-2014, and $10,000 on Salary in 2015. The National average for a Salon General Manager with our revenue is $35,000 per year. Some people, who are not in business, do not understand that businesses have these things called overhead, taxes, insurance and costs of goods sold. We also provide a specialty service, with great skill, in a hair niche that over 90% of working stylists are not interested in serving. That makes recruitment very difficult. We have 6 chairs at the Salon, and have only been able to fill an average of 3. Because of that, Melissa and I pay our stylists in the Top 1% of income earners according to the BLS in America under the Hairstylists/Barber category. Why are they paid in the Top 1%? They do great work, for great people, looking for great Curly Services, which are in high demand. Aside from providing a living for our staff, when you patronize More Than Curly, you are also supporting many people globally who live on the margins of life. Did I mention that our staff are all minority women, who are paid in the Top 1% in their field of choice?

We have a Salon located in the most sought after retail strip in Aurora, which has the highest lease rates as well. We use the best products for Curly Hair in the World, for people who live in dry or semi arid climates. We fix bad Curly Haircuts. We help Natural Clients transition out of the bondage of relaxers, Keratin Treatments, High Heat Damage and perms. We offer a drama free environment, low to no stress, while clients are educated by Curly Specialists on how to manage, and keep their hair healthy. In a lot of ways, we ARE a “Hair Hospital”, where clients come from all over the world to receive the best comprehensive services for Curly Hair in the U.S.

No, we are not saving lives, but for sure changing them for the better.

Are More Than Curly prices too high? Is minimum wage too low? Are housing prices too high? Is college tuition too high? What is too high, and what is too low in a market economy? What is “fair” pricing? Consumers decide that, and we all can make our choices. For those of our faithful clients who receive discounts regularly as reward points, or email promotions, or random 20% to 30% last minute savings, we are truly grateful for you, it’s our way of saying, “Thank you for trusting us with your hair.”

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I have always had a hard time getting good haircuts at the run of the mill $50 hair salon. However, the $100 I spend at More than Curly always leaves me a little regretful. I have been back because I feel like the haircut is better than other locations. However, I would likely go 3-4 times per year vs 1 time per year if the prices were closer to $70-75. I also may end up buying product if the haircut itself was less expensive.

    • Jason Vaz
      Jason Vaz says:

      Thanks Jenny for your business! We have birthday discounts, random thank you discounts, Holiday promotions, and last minute savings of up to 30% off products and services several times a year. We also started a rewards program with FiveStars this year, that gives pretty cool discounts on products and services, based on loyalty. The more you spend, the more you save. Those points add up, and you can use them whenever you want to, or however. Next time you are in, check it out, and check your email because those promotions combined beat $70-$75 when you plan for it.

  2. DLuke
    DLuke says:

    I consider myself to be a loyal curly girl since 2012 and will stay with More than Curly. I left the craziness of having my hair “done” in pricey boutiques (even in Cherry Creek) & paid similar $$$ for a whole lot of damaged hair. Yes, some of your services are a little pricey and others are about just right for the location and diverse market you are serving. As a customer, it is all about value, quality, expectations, service, experience and training, certification, reputation, and trust. This is what I am paying for when I come into your salon to get a “curly session with color” as maintenance to my curly style which is affordable. But, there are times when I would like to come in more frequently to have my roots touched up such as every 4-6 weeks with a curly session, now the same cost becomes pricey.

  3. Yvette
    Yvette says:

    I’ve been to your salon multiple times and I’ve enjoyed every moment! What I love most is the shampoo and conditioning-it’s very luxurious. I feel that I’m paying for is: operator’s time, skill and education to me as a client. Once your are educated, you can apply this skill. I believe you should return every 3 to 6 months to see a professional this is my opinion. In matter of cost, I feel that MTC prices are fair. If feel if you eat out 3-5 days per week, save that money and put those funds towards your hair appointment.

  4. Diane Chino
    Diane Chino says:

    I have been a client at More Than Curly since Melissa and Jason first
    opened their doors. I have visited the original Ouidad salon in New York
    on several occasions. The quality of Melissa and staff meets or exceeds that of the NYC salon every time. Melissa is a true artist. We are blessed that she shares her gift with clients and staff. I have had
    some bad experiences at other salons. When I book at More Than Curly, I feel confident that I will will receive quality services. I travel from New Mexico to be there. I do not believe prices are too high. At
    times, I cut back in other areas, not with hair services and products.
    God bless you guys. Your salon is a jewel of Aurora.

  5. Ava Philippus
    Ava Philippus says:

    I went to More Than Curly once several years ago. maybe 6 mos to a year after it opened. I paid something like $90 for a cut. Both the owner and the hair stylist talked me out of a “style”, saying that “curly hair is meant to be worn long”, or something like that. They were very pleasant, but the cut was nothing special, so I haven’t been back. And I don’t like to wear my hair long, I like a distinct style. So for my ‘special technique cut’ that I didn’t notice a difference with, I paid an exorbitant amount. I’ve gotten much more impressive cuts from another woman for $45.

  6. Curls
    Curls says:

    The prices are high and I can’t always afford them. I have to work More than Curly into my budget so I come less than I would if I had more disposable income.

    I like that this salon specializes in curly hair. I appreciate the things that I have learned about how to take care of my own hair between visits. I fully support minority owned and operated businesses especially those that spread the wealth by hiring minorities and paying them well.

  7. Jacqueline M
    Jacqueline M says:

    You get what you pay for, and at More Than Curly you get a great cut by people who LOVE curly hair. You get to feel comfortable knowing that you are not going to walk out of there looking like a mess and you receive the knowledge to maintain the same beautiful style you leave with. There is security in knowing that each stylist can make any type of curly hair look beautiful at any length. Your salon is very reasonable (even borderline generous) for the service, love, and peace of mind you provide. Not to mention your next cut is scheduled for 10-15 weeks out unlike the 6 week norm, but honestly I was last there about 25 weeks ago and my cut still looks really great. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m very happy with what I get for the price I pay at More Than Curly. Even though I rave to every innocent curly bystander about your salon, one less person going there means one less person I have to worry about when making an appointment. 🙂

  8. Nikita Rothenberg
    Nikita Rothenberg says:

    In response to your post regarding whether or not the prices at More Than Curly salon are too high:

    I believe the prices are fair and reasonable. My mother used to cut my hair the wrong way for years by straightening it and cutting off tons of hair. This is the second salon I’ve been to. The other one was a high end one in Cherry Creek where my hair was cut exactly the same way my mom did and I had a lot of uneven pieces. I resorted to cutting my own hair and believe me that was even worse. I would just wear it up in a bun or ponytail ashamed to wear it down because the back was so long and the sides short from the really bad cuts. I saw More Than a Curly in the hub section of the newspaper. I went a couple of years later. Best thing that ever happened. My hair was finally cut right and there are not pieces everywhere. I also found a whole new world of products for curly hair. Having bad haircuts and greasy hair products my whole life taught me the value of a good salon.

  9. Mia Lucero
    Mia Lucero says:

    Hi Jason,
    When I booked an online appointment with More Than Curly last year, I was so hesitant to get my curly hair cut (because of bad haircuts at other salons) that I nearly canceled several times. But out of the blue, I received a personal phone call from you, and you talked me through any concerns that I had. I so appreciated that! I had never paid over $25 for a haircut, but the $90 cut I received from Melissa was worth every penny. I was a little concerned when she wasn’t interested in seeing the pictures I had brought along to show her the haircut I wanted, but it turned out exactly the way I wanted, and it has been the best haircut I ever received. I understand that all hair is different, and it is not always possible to ask for a cut from a photo and get the same thing, but I think I would have appreciated Melissa taking just a bit more time taken to understand what I wanted. I felt like I was taking a huge leap of faith to let her cut it, but as I said, her skill level was definitely up to par and I feel she was not overpriced for the quality of the cut. I also really appreciate the workplace quality as well as the pay you offer your employees.

  10. Shanna
    Shanna says:

    So I’ve visited more than curly 2x. And while the ladies were friendly and knowledgeable the prices are on the higher side. But when you have a business in a place that does not have alot of variety when it comes to curly girl salons you can charge what you want. It’s called supply and demand for a reason. You can capitalize on the environment because of that. I enjoyed my experience but I haven’t been back for two reasons, price which this blog is about and variety in styling. I don’t always want a rake and shake. That’s the beauty of natural hair, it’s versatile. Cookie cutter styling isn’t for me, and that was a major deciding factor. But I wish you well MORE THAN CURLY!

  11. Art May
    Art May says:

    No, your prices aren’t too high. Can I afford them all of time? No, but I’m looking for quality service so I should expect to pay a quality price. I think people are used to paying a high price for braids or weaves that can end up in the $200 -500 range but now they need to get used to paying the specialty price for natural hair care.

  12. Shante
    Shante says:

    I personally do not feel the salon is overpriced. I would go more often (every 6 -8 weeks) instead of 6 months if the price was a little lower. The cost plus the tip really adds up!! The haircuts and colorings were done with great expertise but I definitely couldn’t afford to keep up with my color and preferred cut at this salon.

  13. Shy
    Shy says:

    In regards to your price discussion, the prices are a bit more than I can afford on a regular basis right now. The thing that really drove me away is the difficulty booking a haircut and knowing what I would be paying. On the phone I say I want to get a haircut, thinking I’m going to be paying to $50-60 price for just a cut and not first time. The person says they have a curly session, they don’t explain what that is. I get there and not only do they want to keep me for an hour I don’t have to spare, my bill is $100. I can’t afford to pay that per cut, and the lingo makes it hard to figure out what you are booking. I have better things to do than learn to interpret the lingo to get a haircut. Please simplify the system for setting appointments so that busy people can use your services.

  14. A
    A says:

    I wish there were more services for African American hair other than the single and double strand twists! AA hair is so versatile. Why not learn how to do something different? I find the lack of options/excitement about learning how to do new hairstyles seriously underwhelming.

    If you truly cater to curly hair, why aren’t there more options and services for extremely curly hair? I don’t always want the same thing. If you expanded your menu to include a variety of chic hairstyles, I’d come back.

  15. NGP
    NGP says:

    I haven’t had my appt yet but I am both excited and nervous. Excited about making an investment in getting my curls in order and nervous about the possibility of being disappointed. Your prices are a little higher than I prefer but I know that quality products and services come with a higher price tag and from what I hear about the salon it’s worth it- so I guess I’ll see you soon.


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