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Many people are searching online for Curly Haircare Professionals right now in your City…Can you be found?

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More Than Curly Affiliate – Anytown, USA

The Purpose of the More Than Curly Affiliate Program, is to Educate and market Entrepreneurial Stylists nationally, who have a passion for naturally curly people, and want to increase their income while making Curlies look and feel their best.

The More Than Curly Affiliate Program purpose is accomplished by:

  1. Training and Educating Stylists in Advanced Curly and Kinky Haircare Services, that has proven results.
  2. Providing Professional Video Production that set’s the Stylist apart in their market.
  3. Leveraging the success of the Rocky Mountain Region’s Leading Curly Salon, by Directing people who perform online search inquiries for professional Curly and Kinky Hair services, to a Stylist anywhere in the U.S. who is seeking to grow their Curly or Kinky client base, as well as their income.

Do you as a stylist, have a passion for helping Naturally Curly and Naturally Kinky textured clients look and feel their best? Do you want to help aid them in accepting their Natural Hair? Do you want to invest in your education, that will in turn dramatically increase your income? If you answered “yes”, than this program may be what you have been looking for.

How can the More Than Curly Affiliate Program accomplish this?

  • By website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on, that directs online search inquiries to any geographic location, using specific key words and professional Video Production, customized specifically for YOU!

Case Study:

More Than Curly Salon’s website (http:/ sees over 900 unique visitors per month. Our conversion rate from online seeker to paying client is 10%. How many people land on your website each month?

How is this possible?

Each time a visitor lands on our homepage, a Video automatically plays. You’ve probably heard this before. Video is the number one content element in a website, that draws the highest rankings on Google searches. Check out this blog from a leading real estate marketing company. The Video content and engagement rate YOU have on your page matters.  

So, what if you combined Advanced Natural Hair Knowledge, Curly Cutting Skill, and Proven Product Application, along with Professional Video Marketing, hosted by the More Than Curly Brand, that draws more curly clients in a month than most independent Curly Stylists see in a year?

At More Than Curly Salon, we convert an average of 23 new client inquiries each week, from online searchers visiting, to paying Curly or Kinky clients, with over 80% retention.

How many new clients are you seeing each week?

What’s your retention rate?

The Curly online searchers we convert into paying clients, are wanting to book with TRUSTED natural stylists that they have never met, and book at a Salon that they have never heard of before. Several times a day, the comments from these online searchers we book are, “I never knew something like this existed.” “Where have you been all my life?” Due to More Than Curly Salon’s national online presence, we have had online inquiries from prospective clients literally from coast to coast, wanting to book with a More Than Curly Stylist in their local area. That local More Than Curly Stylist could be YOU!

If you want to grow your natural hair client base, and increase your income with a proven education and marketing strategy, we would love to hear from YOU!

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