The staff at More Than Curly® Salon are not only Colorado licensed professionals, but lovers of natural hair, passionate about curly hair, committed to curly satisfaction, and will only offer the best advice, education and services for you or your child’s hair.

Q: How does More Than Curly® have the Best Curl Stylists in the Rocky Mountain Region?

A: Curly and Kinky Hair is all we do. It’s about the “shear” volume of various curl patterns we see, repetition, and practice. We are the busiest Curly Salon in the Region, as well as the largest volume retailer of Ouidad® and Moroccanoil® haircare products as a Salon. Experience really does matter when it comes to cutting Curly Hair, and recommending the proper product application.

Currently with only 3 Curl Specialists at our Lone Tree location, and an Affiliate Curl Specialist in Arvada/Wheat Ridge, More Than Curly® sees on average over 250 Curly Services per month. That’s over 3,000 Curly Cuts on average per year. Other “Curl Experts” may have specific training, but do not see the volume and wide range of curl patterns that we see each day since 2011. Experience does matter.

The More Than Curly® staff as part of the Ouidad Advisory Board of Stylists, work together each day as a team, sharing ideas, techniques and experience to ensure that each client receives the best possible Curly Care, and education during each visit.

You will not find any Chemical treatments at More Than Curly® Salon, that alter your beloved Curl Pattern. Our philosophy is: “If you want to straighten your natural curls to oblivion, we are not the Salon for you.”

Our founder is Salon owner Melissa Vaz, who introduced the Ouidad Carve and Slice® to the Front Range of Colorado while working at Salon Bodhi in 2010. On her own, Melissa has since greatly expanded and advanced the Ouidad cutting method, to include a much broader spectrum of service, for a broader spectrum of curl patterns. We call her technique, Curly Cut Sessions™ and Kinky Sessions™. Each stylist who serves at More Than Curly, has over 30 days of Curly Cutting and Kinky Session training by Melissa, before being released to the floor.

Melissa also became Colorado’s first Ouidad Certified Educator in 2011, has personally trained and helped launch the Curly Careers of 11 Colorado Natural Hair Stylists here in Colorado, and one in Houston, TX.

Because Natural Curly Hair techniques are not taught in Cosmetology Schools, our Exclusive Natural Hair Apprenticeship Program, allows for passionate Curly Stylists to be trained in our 4 week Curly program (not a few days with the standard Ouidad® or Deva® Certification programs) personally by Melissa. This also allows clients to be seen by a capable licensed stylist, under the direct training and supervision of Salon owner and Curl Expert® Melissa Vaz.

Whether you need a curly cut, color, a natural style, or combination, our staff will work together for you, and with you to bring out the best Curly YOU.

Melissa Vaz – Owner/Lead Educator (Curly Session $125)

“When my clients leave MORE Than Curly Salon, I want them to feel loved! I do this by listening to my clients. Asking them: “What is your hair goal?” and giving them the education to achieve that goal. I want them to leave excited, comfortable, and ready to wear the beautiful curly hair God has given them!

My biggest inspiration is my beautiful husband and best friend who inspires me to be the woman that God has purposed me to be. My mother inspires me also, because she illustrated what hard working, sacrificial love looks like in a mother. I praise the Lord for both of them.

My favorite thing about curls is how there are so many different types of curly hair. I get so excited when a client comes in not liking their curly hair, but loving their curly hair when they leave! They never knew they had such beautiful hair. The words I live by are: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” –Jesus-


Marissa Berry – Lone Tree Curl Specialist (Curly Session $105)

“I became interested in performing curly hair services, because I had always wanted to wear my own hair naturally curly, but never had any education or foundation (which is the Curly Session Haircut) to do so.  

After visiting and soon after coming to the Salon when it was in Aurora, I saw that Melissa and Jason were everything I needed for my journey to figuring out how to be “more than curly”. Being “more than curly” to me, means truly embracing your natural hair. To accept the hair texture that God gave you, and walking with confidence in it.  

What motivates me is hearing clients who work in the corporate world go from, “I would never wear my natural curls to work”, to “I’ll never go back to straightening my hair because I love my curls”. I also get satisfaction out of seeing the excitement that children have after getting their hair done here at More Than Curly. 

Doing hair has always been my passion! Excellent customer service to me is, listening to my clients goals, and educating them on how to achieve those goals, while prioritizing the health of the hair.  I am constantly working to perfect my craft, so that every guests feels comfortable in my chair. I didn’t have that growing up, so being able to provide that now, for my clients gives me great satisfaction.”

Taylor Lewis – Lone Tree Curl Specialist (Curly Session $105)

“I became interested in doing curly hair the day I “big chopped” my own hair. From there, I wanted a clean slate and my own personal understanding of natural curls, and the beauty of being a natural curly girl. What sets me apart as a stylist, is the passion I have for curly hair. I love curly hair, and how versatile curly hair can be. It ignites a flame within me to love what I do, it’s a challenge that most haircare professionals shy away from, and that keeps me motivated. 

I think excellent customer service is getting to know my client and making them feel at home. It’s giving someone the confidence to be who they truly are, and to keep them coming back for more. I want my clients to feel warm, welcomed and educated, from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out the door.

My clients and myself are my motivation. I believe my “Big Chop” experience, gives me a way to relate to clients with their own adventurous curly hair dreams. I want to motivate others to know it is a beautiful thing being naturally curly. I also want to inspire confidence in my clients to wear their hair curly.

What makes me “More Than” would be my heart and my compassion for others, the desire to see curly hair people embrace who they TRULY are. I wanted to be part of the More Than Curly team when I met Jason and Melissa, the environment was like no other. You won’t always get family, love, hope, encouragement, and a sense of “forever” working at a regular job, and that to me is what makes this experience more than… more than a job, more than a career, more than happiness, I love it here.”


Betsy Horowitz – Arvada Curl Specialist

More Than Curly Affiliate Betsy Horowitz, located inside the Phenix Salon Suites, Arvada, Co.

Betsy has been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 12 years, and has completed her 30 day Curly Session training to become a More Than Curly Affiliate.

“I’m originally from Los Angeles and moved out to Colorado for a more simple life. Listening to my Dad, I went to college after High School, but always wanted to do hair, and finally got licensed in 2004. There are a lot of people doing Curly Hair out there, but what I think what makes me different and unique, is the training I’ve received called the Curly Session™ by Melissa.”