My interest in beauty started at a young age. I was always experimenting and creating new looks on myself and others. It wasn’t until after college, that I decided to follow my heart and take my passion to the next level. What I once thought was a hobby turned out to be my career, and I haven’t been happier since. What sets me apart from others in my area of service is my passion and drive for continuing education. I am always looking to better myself and learn new techniques, skills and services. I also truly love being a service provider to the community. It gives me so much joy to make people feel nurtured, loved and taken care of.

To me, excellent customer service comes in the form of a warm welcome, a thorough consultation, a euphoric shampoo and skill. All of these components make up for a wonderful visit and a happy client! As for my motivation, God and my family motivate me to no end. Success in creating great styles and satisfied clients also pushes me to be the best stylist I can be. I want the world to know that healthy and natural hair is beautiful, and I strive to change what society defines as “beautiful”. What makes me More Than Curly is my knack for curly, natural hair.  When I discovered that there is a salon with the same philosophy, I knew I had to join the team!”